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5th New York Volunteer Infantry Roll of Honor

The following is an alphabetical list of men who served in the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry during the period of the unit's service, 1861-1863. We maintain a detailed database with dates of birth and death, wounds, hospitalization, and promotion, as well as biographical information on these soldiers. If you think you may be related to one of these men, please contact us, and we will check the database for further information. Any additions or corrections to the list are welcome.

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Ackerman, Richard
Ackerson, Charles P
Addison, Joseph T
Adelman, Richard C
Adkins, Robert
Affleck, Joseph
Agnus, Felix
Ahrendt, Karl
Albrecht, Christian P
Alexander, William
  Allaire, James M
Allen, Charles N
Allen, David M
Allen, Gideon
Allen, Thomas W
Allen, William Henry
Allison, Andrew B
Almack, John W
Althouse, Henry
  Alvarez, Don Pedro Hernandez
Aleverson, James P
Amblser, Charles
Ameli, Alonzo
Ames, William H
Amici, Augusto
Amos, Robert
Apmorgan, Richard
  Arbogast, George
Arbor, Jacob
Armstrong, John H
Armstrong, Martin
Armstrong, William J
Arrison, Alfred P
Atkins, Alfred
Atwood, Benjamin F
Austin, Sylvester

Backus, Adam
Bailey, Joseph
Bainbridge, Richard
Baisley, William F
Baker, Allen
Baker, George M
Baker, Richard
Baldwin, Charles W
Baldwin, Lemuel
Barnard, Charles U
Ball, George W
Ball, Jesse
Bannister, John W
Banker, Abraham
Banta, William
Barnes, Alfred
Barnes, Franklin
Barnett, John
Barremore, Charles
Bartlett, Charles Gratiot Bates, William H
Baxter, George R
Bayley, William R
Bazzoni, Charles
Beach, Michael
Beadel, Washington
Bearmore, Charles
Beatty, Joseph
Bedell, William A
Bee, Jacob
Beebe, John H
Beekman, Marcius
Bell, Edward George
Belleter, Charles E
Bender, Peter
Benham, James Philip Bennett, Charles W
Bennett, John J
  Bennett, Samuel H
Bense, John Henry
Benton, George H
Bergen, Patrick
Berger, Timothy
Berrian, Abraham
Berrian, Benjamin
Berrian, John H.
Berrian, Richard
Berrian, Richard W
Berrian, Stephen
Berry, Joseph
Bertell, Martin
Bertine, George F
Beville, Robert E.
Bickel, Francis Balthasar
Bird, Edward J.
Black, William S.
Blackburn, John H
Blackwell, Henry T
Blackwood, Albert
Blair, Andrew
Blake, James H
Blake, Richard
Blanchard, Anthony Jr
Blanchard, Henry
Blatz, Charles
Bliss, Edward
Blodgett, Solomon
Bloomer, Andrew J
Bloomer, Benton
Bloomer, James
Blunt, James S
Blunt, William S
Blythe, Isaac
Boden, James
Bodey, Henry
Boeram, Thomas
  Bogardus, Stephen H Jr
Bogart, Jonas
Bogart, William F
Bollet, Frederick H
Bone, John F
Bonestell, Charles A
Boole, Joseph
Boschart, William F
Boune, Charles H
Bouten, George H
Bowne, Charles B
Boyd, Carlile
Boyd, Gilbert
Boyd, James
Boyd, James S
Boyd, John C
Boyd, William H
Boyle, John
Bracken, John
Bradley, James A
Bradley, John
Bradley, Joseph H
Bradley, Leron S
Brady, Charles
Brady, Charles M
Brady, James
Brady, John (2)
Brady, Patrick H
Brady, William
Brady, William R
Bragne, Stephen B
Brandegee, Charles
Brandon, George R
Brassington, William P
Braynard, Henry A
Brehm, Charles E
Brennan, Daniel H
Brennan, John (2)
  Bridgewood, William H
Brinckerhoff, Daniel
Briscoe, Thomas J
Broadbent, Thomas
Broecher, John
Brogan, John C
Brophy, Michael J
Brough, Stephen G
Brouner, Richard R
Brown, Charles H
Brown, James W
Brown, John Henry
Brown, John J
Brown, Leander L
Brown, William E
Brulte, Joseph T
Bruner, Edward S
Bryant, Jonas A
Buckley, James H
Buckley, Michael W
Buckley, Owen
Bull, Ezra N
Bull, George W
Bullwinkle, Henry
Burdick, Perrin Jr
Burger, Timothy
Burke, Frank
Burlew, George P
Burnham, William H
Burnett, Henry H
Burns, John T
Burns, Thomas
Burr, Frederick S
Burtis, George A
Butler, William H
Buxton, Henry H
Bynner, William H
Byrnes, David

C           TOP
Cady, John N.
Cahill, Maurice
Cahill, Thomas C
Callagan, George
Callahan, James
Cambreleng, Churchill C
Cameron, William Jr
Camp, Norman H.
Campbell, George W
Campbell, James
Campbell, John E
Campbell, William
Carey, Pierce
Cargon, Silas
Carlock, George W
Carlow, Albert F
Carney, Thomas H
Carothers, William H
Carpenter, John
Carr, Charles H
Carr, Flavell W.
Carr, Gouverneur
Carroll, Edward
Carroll, John
Carroll, Patrick
Carson, William
Carter, James W
Cartnell, John
Cartwright, George
Cartwright, James
Cartwright, Thomas W
Cassin, John
Cathie, James
Catlin, George Lynde
Chabot, Henry
Chalmers, Hugh
Chamberlain, Charles W
  Chamberlain, George W
Chambers, William H
Charpentier, Auguste
Charles, Frank
Chase, Algernon Sidney
Chatterton, William
Cheney, Albert Orion
Choisy, Francis Thomas
Christal, Thomas S
Christian, Henry P
Christie, Thomas
Christopher, Thomas J
Christy, Edwin
Churge, Edward
Clancey, Samuel
Clancey, William
Clancy, Thomas
Clark, Alfred
Clark, Alfred B
Clark, George
Clark, John
Clark, Joseph P
Clark, Peter
Clark, Richard
Clark, States
Clark, Thomas H
Claven, Patrick
Clayton, Edward J
Clayton, John H
Cleary, Jeremiah
Cleland, Edward H
Clement, William H
Clifford, John
Cline, Edward J
Coats, Andrew
Cochran, James
  Cochran, James J
Cochrane, James Jr
Cochrane, John A
Cockburn, William
Cody, James
Cody, Thomas
Coffin, Leonard K
Cogan, Matthew
Cogswell, George E
Cogswell, Julius
Cohen, Henry E
Colby, Walter S
Cole, George A
Cole, John J
Cole, William
Coleman, John
Coleman, Theodore
Collier Andrew J
Collins, Charles (2)
Collins, David S
Collins, James
Collins, John
Colwell, George F
Comstock, Augustus
Conklin, Daniel
Conklin, Jonas C
Conley, John
Connell, John F
Connell, Thomas O
Connelly, William H
Conover, Alonzo W
Constantine, John S
Conway, John Henry
Conway, Michael
Conway, William
Cook, Richard
  Cook, Thomas
Cook, William H
Coon, David N.
Cooper, William F
Coopers, James
Corbett, Charles
Corcoran, James J
Cornell, Aaron J
Cornell, Ludlum
Cornell, Robert H
Cornwell, George W
Cosgrove, Hugh
Cosgrove, John
Costello, Michael
Coventry, John C
Cowles, Clinton S
Cozad, Napoleon D
Craft, John
Cramer, Eugene H
Crawford, James P
Cregier, George W
Creighton, Frederick
Croatman, Charles
Crofut, David K
Colins, William A
Cromwell, John
Cross, James G
Crowell, Charles
Crowley, Jeremiah
Cruger, Edward
Cunningham, Alexander
Cunningham, Thomas
Cunningham, William C
Curran, Hugh
Curtis, Henry B
Curtiss, William H

D           TOP
Daley, George W
Daly, Enos
Daly, Robert F
Darney, Morris
Dauphin, Joseph
Davenport, Alfred
Davidson, George
Davidson, William F
Davies, Henry E. Jr
Davies, J. Mansfield
Davies, William
Davis, Benjamin Tyler
Davis, David
Davis, David P
Davis, John
Davis, William H. (2)
Dawson, Charles H
Dawson, Joseph
Debole, Nicholas
Decker, James W
Decourcey, John
  Deely, Simon
Deery, George
DeGroot, William H
DeLance, Francis
Delaney, John
Delaney, Thomas
Delmege, Henry A
DeMaraville, George
Demarest, William L
Demerest, David
Denahy, Michael G
Dennis, Charles E
Dennis, Frank
Denniston, John P
Denike, Abraham
Denton, James
Denton, James L
Denton, Stephen H
Detmar, Charles
Dewar, Alexander
Dickson, Nathaniel
  Didier, Frank
Dietz, Arthur M
Dill, James E
Dillon, Edward
Dillon, Robert
Dipple, George W
Disbrow, William H
Dixon, Robert
Dobbs, Theodore S
Dobiecki, George F
Dodd, Allen
Dodge, John P
Dolsen, Henry J
Dolsen, William P
Donnally, Joseph
Donnelly, John
Donnelly, William E
Donohue, Thomas
Donovan, John
Doolan, Henry
Dooley, George
  Doolittle, Frank W
Doremus, David M
Doyle, James A.
Dranfield, George
Drummond, George
Dubois, Oscar
Dubois, William
Duckworth, John
Dudley, Orville D
Duff, James French
Dumont, Robert S
Dumont, Theodore S
Duncan, Henry C
Dunham, John E
Dunn, John
Duryea, Albert P
Duryea, George
Duryea, Hiram
Duryee, Abram
Duryee, Jacob Eugene

Eagin, William
Earle, Edwin M
Earle, Phillip M
Edmonds, James S
Eagan, Edward
Eichler, Herman G O
  Elder, Alexander
Ellis, Charles E
Ellis, Robert G
Ellsworth, Edward
Enderline, Joseph J
  Engel, Edward
Engert, Martin
Entres, Ignatz
Esaw, Ferdinand
Escher, Augustus
  Esmond, Bartholomew J
Esmond, Edward
Ester, William N
Evans, J Francis
Everitt, James H

F           TOP
Falck, George
Farley, George
Farley, John G
Farley, Michael
Farnham, James B
Farrell, Edward
Farrell, James H
Farrell, John F
Farrell, John
Farrell, Michael (2)
Fay, John
Fee, William
Felt, Alfred W
Felt, William H
Fenner, John R
Ferguson, George
Ferguson, John N
Ferguson, William
Ferris, James L
Ferry, John P
  Ferry, Sylvester
Fields, Joseph
Finch, John K
Finley, Benjamin F
Finley, George F
Finley, John H
Finn, John
Finnan, James
Fishbourne, William
Fisher, Francis Clay
Fish, Thomas E
Fisher, John DW
Fisher, Thomas
Fisher, William H
Fiske, James B
Fitzpatrick, Lawrence
Flagler, George
Fleet, Charles R
Flood, Augustine H
  Flynn, William H
Fogarty, Richard B
Foley, Timothy
Foote, John H
Forbes, Colin Van Gelder
Ford, Samuel W
Foreman, George W
Foreman, W W
Forfar, Robert
Forrester, Jasper
Forsman, John P
Fortescue, Charles
Fosdick, Charles E
Fowell, Edward
Fowler, Benjamin J
Fowler, Edmond R
Fowler, Erwin G
Fowler, Frederick
Fowler, Richard
  Fox, Richard
Fox, Thomas H
Frank, Emil
Fraleigh, David
Frankfurther, Benjamin E
Franklin, James H
Frazier, Thomas W
Freeland, Charles
Freeman, John N
Frie, John
Fritchette, Achille
Frisbie, Caleb S
Fritz, Joseph
Froleigh, Peter D
Frye, Charles T
Fuchs, Andrew
Fuller, Henry
Fullington, Jeremiah
Fulmer, George H

Galbraith, William
Galey, Adam
Gallaer, Charles W
Gallagher, Henry
Galway, Michael A
Gamble, John A
Gardner, Augustus
Garey, Lawrence
Garrabrant, William
Garrison, Garret H
Garry, Stephen
Garvey, Bernard
Gates, George E
Gates, Joseph
Gaylord, Joel H
Gedney, Roderick
Gee, Charles Henry
Gee, Richard B
  Geer, Eugene P
Geer, Regin P
Genet, William R
George, Alexander J
Gerow, Theodore B
Gibbs, John
Giblin, James
Gibson, John
Giddings, Albert
Giefers, Henry
Gilbert, Rufus H
Gilder, Francis
Gilder, William H Jr
Giles, John
Gilligan, James S
Gilligan, Luke
Gilligan, Patrick
  Gillon, John
Gillot, Edward
Gilmore, Archibald
Gittere, Peter
Gisking, William
Glansy, Jacob
Glassett, Reuben
Gleeson, Patrick
Glenn, Samuel
Glimm, John C
Glynn, James G
Gobel, Adolphus
Gormley, Peter G
Grant, James
Green, Benjamin F
Green, Charles
Green, Charles W
  Green, Joseph C
Green, Mortimer
Greenwood, Harry
Gregory, Albert Gilbert
Gresham, George D
Griffin, George H
Griffin, Jeremiah
Griffin, William
Griggs, James
Grimes, Francis S
Grogan, John
Grogan, Richard
Growney, Henry N
Guinan, Dennis
Guthrie, George L
Guthrie, John N
Guynne, William

H           TOP
Habrick, John J
Hachelon, Jacob F
Hackett, Michael
Hagadorn, Andrew
Hagadorn, Cyrus
Hagan, William
Hager, George O
Hagerty, Mark
Haight, Samuel
Haines, Thomas
Haley, Thomas
Hall, William H
Hallock, Daniel W
Hallet, George Jr
Hallet, William H
Halloran, Thomas
Halsey, William S
Halstead, Alfred
Hamilton, Charles
Hamilton, John C
Hammerstein, Edward
Hammond, Andrew W
Hamblin, Joseph Eldridge
Hampton, James A
Hanan, John
Hancock, James
Hardwick, Theodore
Hardy, Samuel
Harrington, John H
Harris, Charles
Harrison, William B
Hart, David H
Hart, James
Hart, Samuel
  Hart, Samuel H
Hart, Theodore M
Hartwick, Theodore
Hascher, Anton
Hassell, John
Hasson, Frank
Hastings, Frank S
Hang, John P
Haughwout, John H
Haughwout, Simon
Hausman, Nicholas V
Havens, Gardner B
Hayden, James M
Hays, John
Haywood, George W
Heape, John W
Hearn, John
Heath, Augustus S
Heath, Charles D
Hederick, Charles
Heffernan, John
Heiderman, Jacob J
Heiderman, John J
Henderson, James
Hendricks, Arthur
Hendrickson, Augustus
Hendrickson, William
Hendrie, William H
Hennessy, Collom
Henry, James
Herbst, John G L
Hermann, Elihu W
Herrick, Thomas
Herring, W B
  Herzog, Charles
Heslin, John
Hess, Jacob
Hewlett, Hosea D
Hicks, Patrick
Higgins, Francis
Higgins, John
Hiland, John
Hilbert, Barney
Hills, James L
Hilton, Frederick S
Hinchman, John
Hines, Sherwood C
Hitchcock, George A
Hoagland, Abram
Hodge, William M
Hodgkins, Francis
Hodnette, James
Hoey, James
Hoffman, Edward
Hoffman Edward G
Hoffman, William
Hoffner, Andrew
Hogan, Daniel
Hogeboom, William B
Holden, Horatio
Holland, Edward
Holland, John
Holmes, Samuel B
Holthayser, Jacob
Holwill, William F
Honney, Benjamin
Hoolahan, John
Hopkins, Charles S
  Hopkins, Egbert D
Hopkins, William
Hopper, Benjamin F
Horgan, John
Horan, John
Horn, Matthew A
Horton, Abram
Horton, Jeremiah
Horton, William H
Hough, George G
Howe, Charles A
Howe, John A
Howell, Addison
Howell, John S
Howell, Milton E
Hoyt, Alfred
Hoyt, Andrew J
Hoyt, Nicholas H
Hoyt, William H
Hughes, Edwin
Hull, Harmon D
Hull, Charles T
Hulse, Chauncey W
Hulshart, Jacob S
Humphrey, Charles P
Hunter, Daniel Judson
Hunter, David D
Huntsman, George
Hurley, Joseph F
Hutchinson, David
Hyatt, Frank
Hyatt, William W
Hyde, Frederick C
Hyde, James K Jr

Innis, Alexander
Inwood, Henry
Ireland, John B
Irwin, Robert C
Isaacs, Charles L

Jackson, James
Jackson, William Jr
Jacob, John
James, Julian
Jarvis, E N
Jenks, Nathaniel L
Jennings, Daniel H
  Jennings, William T
Jerrold, John
Jewell, Charles
Johnes, Arthur
Johnson, Jesse C
Johnson, Jesse C Jr Johnson, John (2)
  Johnston, Charles G
Johnston, Robert
Jollafe, James
Jones, Alexander
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Charles
  Jones, Charles T
Jones, Henry
Jones, Moses G
Jones, Rowland
Jones, William
Jossett, Louis M

K           TOP
Kabb, John
Kane, John
Kay, William
Keane, William B
Keefe, Michael F
Keeney, John H
Kelley, Edward
Kelley, Luke
Kellinger, Thomas
Kelly, Creamer
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, Robert
Kenney, John
  Kenney, Peter
Kenny, Charles G
Kent, James
Kent, William J
Keogh, Henry W
Kern, William
Kernighan, Alexander B
Kerr, John (2)
Kerrigan, John
Ketcham, Benjamin
Keyes, John C
Keyser, Henry M
Kiemle, Bruno
  Kierman, Edward
Killilea, Francis
Kilpatrick, Hugh Judson
Kimball, Fletcher
Kimber, Herbert P
Kimmel, Alexander F
Kimmel, Burns
Kingsbury, William J
Kirby, Nathaniel C
Kirchener, Philip
Kirchoff, Peter
Kirrigan, Michael
Kitson, William H
  Kittle, Herbert
Klein, Ferdinand
Kline, Edward J
Klock, Alfred R
Knapp, Charles
Knapp, Charles W
Kniffen, William H
Knowles, Joseph
Knowles, Robert J
Kreig, Michael
Kretzler, Arthur C
Kretzler, Henry B
Krimm, James F

LaBaugh, John G
Ladragan, Louis S
Lane, Cornelius
Lang, Max
Lang, William
Langdon, Charles
Langworth, John M
Lathrop, Alonzo
Lattimer, Charles T
Lavoilette, Thomas L
Law, Edward
Lawrence, George
Lawson, Erik
Leach, William R
Leahy, Joseph J
Leary, George
  Leavitt, George W
Leddy, James E
Lee, Edward
Leech, Albert
Lesne, Henry
Lespinesse, Henry
Lewis, Charles S
Lewis, Edward W
Lewis, Frederick
Lewis, George W
Lewis, Valentine
Lewis Wilbur F
Leyden, Charles
Liddy, Hugh
Like, William
Linehan, Dennis
  Ling, George W
Linquist, Gustavus F
Little, Henry
Little, Robert
Livingston, Alfred R
Livingston, Kilsythe
Livingston, William
Livingston, Levingus
Lloyd, John
Lockwood, Charles H
Loderhouse, Henry
Longstaff, Carrum
Lorton, Charles B
Loud, Richard E
Loughlin, John C
  Lounsbury, James H
Lovett, George A
Lovett, Robert J
Lowns, Jacob
Luckert, John
Ludlow, Samuel H
Luff, Nicholas
Lunney, Charles
Lutz, Francis
Luyster, William H
Lynch, James
Lyon, Eli H
Lyons, Alfred
Lyons, John
Lyons, Thomas

M           TOP
Macauley, Dennis G
Mace, Alonzo
Mackinson, Hugh
Madden, Henry
Madden, James
Madden, Thomas J
Mager, Julius
Magner, Robert
Maher, Thomas F
Mahon, John T
Mahoney, Victor D
Mahony, James
Major, Thomas R
Maloney, James
Maloney, Thomas
Mendeville, William Henry
Manning, Alexander
Manning, Edward
Mansfield, Joseph
Margraf, Philip
Marmion, Lawrence
Marsh, Effingham W
Marsh, William H
Marshall, John
Martin, B Ellis
Martin, James
Martin, Jesse
Martin, John H
Martin, Thomas R
Marvelle, Henry
Marvin, Azor Smith Jr
Mather, John L
Mather, Charles F
Mathews, Galbraith
Matos, Louis A
Matthews, George
Matthews, John E
Maxwell, Addison W
May, Henry C
McAnspie, John
McAuliffe, William
McBeth, James E
  McBrian, Moses
McBride, John
McCann, James C
McCarthy, Daniel
McCarthy, Edward
McCarthy, Eugene
McCarthy, James
McCarty, Joseph
McCloskey, James
McConnell, James
McCormick, Bernard
McCormick, Robert
McRea, John
McCune, James
McCurdy, William H
McDonald, Archie
McDonald, James
McDonough, William
McDowell, William
McElroy, William
McGarey, John
McGeehan, George
McGeehan, John
McGeer, John
McGirr, Edward
McGonagle, John S
McGrath, Charles F
McGuffage, William
McGuire, John
McIlvaine, William
McKay, George
McKeiver, Jacob W
McKeiver, Washington
McKenna, John
McKenna, Patrick
McKeon, James
McKinless, Charles A
McLane, Charles
McLaren, James
McLaughlin, John
McLean, William S
McMahon, Michael L
  McNeil, Joseph
McPyke, Bernard
McPyke, John
McQuade, John
McRea, Frank
Meagher, Daniel J
Meagher, Patrick
Meinell, Henry C
Meldowney, George M
Meldrum, Albert R
Meloy, George G
Melville, John
Mendelshon, Gustav
Menges, Jacob
Merrill, Edward H
Merritt, Charles
Merritt, John
Messenger, William F
Metcalf, Charles
Metzler, Julius
Meyer, Frederick WA
Meyersburg, Samuel
Miller, Charles C
Miller, Frederick
Miller, James
Milliard, Lenox
Milligan, John
Millner, Alfred T
Millis, Abraham D
Mills, Henry
Minot, Lafayette
Mitchell, George A
Mole, George
Moltke, Magnus
Monargue, Francis A
Moneghan, William
Montague, John
Montgomery, Charles S
Montrose, Samuel
Mooney, Daniel H
Moore, Edward
Moore, John
  Moore, Thomas B
Moore, William A
Moran, Thomas
Moreau, Leon
Morey, Benjamin F
Morey, David ES
Morgan, Alfonzo C
Morgan, Andrew G
Morgan, Francis A
Mornetz, Charles
Morrisey, James
Morrison, George
Mortimer, Andrew J
Mortimer, Charles
Morton, Henry J
Moses, George A
Muckridge, Aaron P Jr
Mulcahy, Bartholomew
Mullen, Christopher F
Muller, Charles
Mulligan, George R
Munier, Charles V
Munnie, Robert
Munroe, Richard
Munson, Owen
Murdock, William C
Murwin, James
Murphy, Dennis
Murphy, James (2)
Murphy, Luke
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, Thomas J
Murray, Frank
Murray, James R
Murray, John (3)
Murray, Richard
Myers, Alfred
Myers, Arthur J
Myers, George H
Myers, John H
Myers, Joseph D
Myers, William D

Neal, John W
Needham, Clinton B
Neibuhr, George A
Neidheimer, Leonard
  Neely, John
Nestle, John G
Neuber, Christian A
Newberry, Francis D
  Newcomb, David T
Newman, John Edwin
Nichols, George Watson B
Nicholson, John B
  Niel, Robert
Nixon, James
Noble, John A
Nott, Josiah P

O           TOP
O'Brien, Dennis
O'Brien, William
O'Connell, Joseph F
O'Connell, Thomas
O'Connor, Matthew
O'Connor, William
Odell, John H
Odlum, Thomas J
  O'Donohue, Francis
O'Hara, Charles
O'Hare, Eduard V
O'Keefe, Daniel
O'Keefe, John J
Oleary, Cornelius
Oliver, Nathan C
Oliver, Percy E J
  Olivier, Leon
Onderdonk, Benjamin F
O'Neil, Timothy
O'Neill, Charles C
Oring, Frederick
Orr, Edwin F
Osborn, William A
  Osgood, Charles B
Ott, Adam F
Overacker, William Frederick
Overmaier, Maurice
Owens, Robert
Owens, Samuel S

Pabor, Martin V
Packard, Daniel E P
Page, Truxton
Palmer, Joseph L Jr
Palmieri, Caselli A
Papier, George FH
Parker, Isaac
Parker, Simon B
Parkhurst, Benjamin F
Parkinson, Samuel B
Parkus, Frank
Partridge, William Tew
Patterson, James
Pattison, Gardner
Paul, Nathaniel S
Payne, William T
  Pease, Benjamin F
Peck, Edward L
Peck, Herbert Culon
Peene, John Garrison
Pell, Charles
Pell, John Howland
Perocheau, John A
Perrin, Alfred Marion
Peters, Gustavus
Peters, John
Pettit, Alonzo
Petty, Thomas J
Phillips, Charles J
Phillips, Edgar
Pickens, Nicholas B
Pickett, Eugene J
  Pierce, Edward L
Pierce, John Austin
Pierce, Joseph H
Pike, Christopher C
Pine, Thomas
Platt, William H
Pletsch, Jacob Alexander
Pletsch, Peter
Plumb, Francis M
Plumley, Ira
Polet, Louis
Pollock, Robert A
Pond, Levi Temple
Pope, Thomas T
Porter, William B
Post, George Clinton
  Potter, Charles B
Potter, Thaddeus
Potts, William I
Powell, Alonzo
Powell, Abel
Powell, Barton W Jr
Prendergast, John
Prentiss, Thomas
Price, Frederick A
Price, John B
Prime, Ralph Earl
Primrose, James M
Purdy, Ernest
Purdy, James L
Purdy, Peter Van Arden

Quinn, Charles E
Quinn, John
Quay, William

R           TOP
Radzinski, August Victor
Railton, John E
Randall, Franklin B
Rankin, Alphonso
Rankin, Leland
Ratje, Charles
Ray, Alfred M
Raymond, John S
Read, Edward H
Readey, John
Reaney, Joseph
Reardon, Jeremiah
Reddin, Charles G
Redding, James
Reddington, Lawrence
Reed, James O
Reed, James W
Reed, Samuel W
Reetze, (Reitze)
  Frederick A
Reeves, Francis
Reid, Charles
Reid, Henry
Reilly, James J
Reilly, John
Reilly, John H
  Reisland, Gunther
Revere, Robert
Reynolds, Benjamin F
Reynolds, Henry E
Reynolds, James L
Reynolds, Monroe E
Richards, John B
Richards, Samuel H
Richardson, Thomas E
Richmond, John J
Riggs, Smith
Riley, Charles F
Riley, Henry H
Riley, James H
Riley, James (3)
Riley, John
Riley, John H
Riley, Michael
Riley, Thomas
Rininsland, Charles
Rishton, Thomas S
Rising, Austin
Roan, Patrick J
Roberts, Samuel
Roberts, William S
  Robertson, James C
Robinson, James J
Robinson, John
Robinson, John H
Robinson, Michael
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Thomas
Robish, James
Rock, John
Rock, Patrick H
Rockwell, James S
Rodgers, William H
Rodman, James
Rodman, William
Rogers, Alonzo J
Rogers, Edward A
Rogers, George F
Rogers, John
Rogers, Nicholas D
Rogers, Oliver J
Rogers, Robert S
Roggenstein, William
Ronalds, Thomas B
Roome, Theodore E
  Rooney, Edward T
Rooney, Thomas
Ross, Albert
Ross, Charles H
Ross, Samuel C
Rosine, Adolph Emanuel
Rossman, Augustus
Rotterman, Peter
Rottger, Henry L
Rouse, Frederick C
Rouse, Levi B
Rowlandson, William
Roy, Theophile E
Rubish, James
Rudman, John
Rusling, Sedgwick C
Russell, Theodore
Russell, Timothy
Rutter, William A
Ryan, John
Ryan, Michael
Ryder, John
Ryer, Thomas J
Ryer, William C

S           TOP
Sadler, Robert
Sands, Charles V
Sangle, Frederick
Sangle, George
Saphar, William D
Sargent, Charles
Sault, Henry
Saunders, Andrew
Savoie, Charles Henry
Savoie, Louis A
Saxton, William W
Scanlon, Robert
Schappert, Jacob F
Schellworth, Albert
Scherer, Louis
Schermerhorn, Cornelius H
Schick, Charles S
Schilling, Samuel
Schneider, Jacob
Scholland, Valentine
Schoonmaker, Garret G
Schouten, Charles A
Schullenberg, Jacob L
Shurter, James W
Scott, William J
Scoutten, Isaac
Screder, William S
Seaman, Charles H
Seaman, Platt W
Seaman, Richard E
Seaman, William AC
Sears, Martin V
Secor, Albert M
Seely, Henry
Seely, Seymour B
Selkirk, Robert J
Selmer (Samler), William
  Senter, Alexander
Seymour, Allen M
Seymour, Henry
Shane, Irwin A
Shane, John H
Shannon, William G
Shaw, David A
Shaw, George W
Shaw, William Mathias
Sheffrey, John JL
Shelton, James
Shepard, William F
Sheridan, James
Shields, James L
Short, John S
Shotwell, William J
Schumacher, Ernest
Sidell, William Henry
Silleck, Albert
Simmonds, Edward
Simms, William
Simon, Henry
Simons, Edward A
Simons, William B
Sinclair, Edward
Sinclair, George M
Singer, Charles H
Singer, John A
Sinsabaugh, William
Skelding, Thomas
Skinner, Frederick D
Slater, Alfred P
Sloat, William Blackwell
Smart, Frederick G
Smith, Benjamin M
Smith, Charles W
Smith, Ebenezer
  Smith, FE
Smith, George W
Smith, Henry
Smith, Jesse
Smith, John C
Smith, John H
Smith, John M
Smith, Joseph Andrew
Smith, Robert C
Snell, Irving
Sniffen, George H
Snyder, Charles
Snyder, Charles A
Snyder, Louis
Soby, David S
Soden, Owen
Sofield, George W
Sollano, Jose
Southern, Abram
Southern, George W
Southerland, James
Southwick, Thomas Paine
Sovereign, Frederick W
Spadone, Julius Henry
Sparkle, Henry J
Spellian, Patrick
Spelman, Francis
Spencer, George F
Spencer, William
Sperling, William H
Spokart, Adolph
Springer, George D
Stacken, James P
Stanley, Andrew J
Stanton, Henry
Stapleton, William
Stark, Jacob H
  Stearns, Herbert F
Stearns, William R
Stephens, John H
Stephens, Peter Charles
Stephenson, John
Stephenson, Robert
Stevens, Clarence H
Stevens, Henry W
Stevens, Oscar
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, Joseph
Stewart, Ambrose W
Stewart, Frank H
Stiles, William
Stillwell, Joseph
Stinson, Patrick
Stites, William
Stoddard, William W
Stone, Arnold G
Stowell, William P
Strachan, Robert W
Strube, Gardiner A
Strube, John Julius
Sturges, Reuben PW
Sturges, Oscar C
Stuyvesant, Charles S
Sullivan, Benjamin A
Sullivan, John A
Sullivan, Maurice F
Sullivan, Thomas
Sutherland, James
Swain, Lucien B
Swartwout, Henry A
Sweeney, William
Swift, Charles Nicholas
Swift, John B
Swift, Thomas J

T           TOP
Tabele, Joseph H
Talfor, Robert B
Tallman, William D
Tappen, Charles H
Tappen, Edward M
Tatterall, Jacob
Taylor, Archibald Stewart
Taylor, Charles Henry
Taylor, George W (2)
Taylor, Henry Greenwood
Taylor, Isaac W
Taylor, James L
Taylor, John W
Taylor, Thomas J
Ten Eyck, Isaac
  Terhune, Andrew
Thayer, Andrew Tyler
Thelemius, Joseph P
Thomas, Augustus L
Thomas, Isaac Carow
Thomas, John
Thomas, William M
Thompson, John
Thompson, John Hoffman
Thurber, Charles H
Tibbetts, Gustavus H
Tichenor, Norwood
Tiebout, George H
Tiebout, Samuel H
  Tieforth, David
Tierney, Mathew J
Tillman, Richard
Tilton, Joseph
Tinsdale, Edward E
Titus, Samuel DeMott
Tobin, James Joseph
Todd, Aquilla
Toellner, Ferdinand J
Tompkins, Benjamin F
Tompkins, Edwin C
Tompkins, George W
Torrey, Charles W
Tostensen, Frederick
Tower, Robert H
  Toy, Richard M
Tracey, Prescott
Traver, Alvin M
Tregaskis, John
Troy, John
Tschertsahky, Julius
Tucker, Robert C
Tucker, Samuel H
Tuite, James
Turner, Charles W
Turner, Owen
Tuthill, Daniel
Twaddell, Morris
Tyndell, Joseph

U           TOP
Uckele, William H
Underhill, Oliver S
Upton, Abraham
Ussher, James

Vail, Joseph A
Van Benschoten, George
Van Braemer, Peter
Van Brunt, Charles F
Van Brunt, Rulif F
Vanderoef, Ernest F
Van Genderen, Peter
Van Houten, Adrian
Van Ingen, James L
Van Keuren, Cornelius
  Van Keuren, Theron L
Vankufskie, Charles
Van Sicklen, George D
Van Sicklen, Samuel
Van Tassel, John C
Van Tine, Frederick A
Van Voorhis, Henry
Van Wagener, Isaac
  Van Wagener, James M
Van Wart, Edwin F
Van Wart, George Edgar
Van Wart, William
Van Winkle, Tunis
Vethake, William J
Veeder, John N
Veloux, Louis
Velsor, William H
  Vermilyea, William
Verney, John
Victor, Augustus
Vincens, Adolph
Vittaly, Joseph L
Vives, Juan
Vizard, William J
Vredenburgh, William H
Vreeland, Charles W

Wagner, Peter
Wait, Boardman L
Walker, Charles Ashbel
Walker, William James
Waller, William E
Walsh, Martin
Walsh, Mathew M
Walters, William
Walters, William H
Walton, Isaac P
Wanamaker, Drew
Wanamaker, Giles
Wannemacher, George W
Ward, John
Ward, Peter
Warner, Henry W
Warren, Charles
Warren, Gouverneur Kemble
Warren, Nathan C
Warren, Robert Parrott
Washburn, Edwin F
Washburn, William R
Watson, Benjamin E
Waugh, James L
Way, Frederick S
Way, Thomas B
Webb, James W
  Webb, John
Webb, Thomas
Webster, Daniel L
Webster, KB
Weeks, George
Weeks, Joseph A
Wein, Otto
Weir, James E
Wells, Charles E
Wells, John
Wells, John Howard
Wells, Robert L
West, Charles P
West, Daniel S
West, James T
West, John
Westerly, Stephen M
Westlake, Frederick S
Wetmore, Oliver Jr
Wetzel, Ernest Robert
Wheat, William A
Wheeler, George H
Wheeler, Stephen Warren
Whigam, John R
Whigam, Robert R
White, John H
White, Patrick
  White, William
Whitehead, Andrew
Whiteside, Edward
Whiting, Charles W
Whitney, John Henry
Whitney, Theodore J
Whytal, James
Wicker, Henry
Wicker, Thomas M
Wildey, Wilfred R
Wilkins, Stephen H
Williams, Andrew
Williams, George Forrester
Williams, Horace E
Williams, Robert H
Williams, Thomas H
Williams, William
Williams, William D
Willifer, Alfred D
Willock, William C
Wills, John
Wilson, Allan Nesbitt Jr
Wilson, Charles Henry
Wilson, George Frederick
Wilson, Philip Lee
Wilson, Samuel F
Wilson, William J
  Wing, George T
Wimmer, Michael
Winslow, Cleveland
Winslow, Gordon
Winslow, Gordon Jr
Winslow, Miron Jr
Winzer, Julius E
Winzenried, Gottfried
Wipfler, Augustus
Wise, Henry
Withers, Alexander J
Wolvert, Matthew
Wood, Erskine
Wood, George L
Wood, George P
Wood, Isaac H
Wood, Robert L
Wood, William C
Woodfull, Henry
Woolsey, Charles L
Wooster, Franklin
Worley, Harry
Worrall, Henry
Wright, Charles W
Wright, Edward O
Wright, Henry E
Wust, John

Y           TOP
Yager, Joseph
Yager, Martin
Yates, Thomas
Yeoman, George H
Yeoman, Thomas
Yonge, Herman H
Yoost, George
York, Joseph S
Young, Washington
Youngs, William S

Z           TOP
Zimmerman, John
Zink, William
Zittle, John
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